In Harmony With The Sea

Enhancing the splendor of the setting

Riviera Galleria Design Aspiration

Riviera Galleria has been designed to blend seamlessly with the exquisite coastline, the urban fabric of the city and the lush greenery of the largest coastal park in Europe. The undulating wave canopy mirrors the water, creating complete synergy and continuity with the landscape, intensifying the beauty of the natural world against the encapsulating architecture this development offers.

The epitome of architectural style in Athens

Internationally acclaimed and award-winning Japanese architect Kengo Kuma has designed his unique vision around the ripple, inspired by the natural ebb and flow of the Greek sea. Riviera Galleria furthers this beautiful natural harmony by being a model of sustainable development, with unprecedented attention to aesthetics. It is a true reflection of Athens modern architecture.

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"For the design of Riviera Galleria, we had a unique opportunity to combine different elements and materials from the Greek landscape with a truly modern design approach. A new typology was created: a state-of-the-art commercial destination, open to the sun, the sea and the sky. A building that is not just inspired by the natural world, but actually adds to its beauty.”

Aris Kafantaris, Architectural Design Director at the Kengo Kuma & Associates

The architects’ vision